[fullwidth menu_anchor=»» backgroundcolor=»» backgroundimage=»» backgroundrepeat=»no-repeat» backgroundposition=»left top» backgroundattachment=»scroll» bordersize=»0px» bordercolor=»» borderstyle=»solid» paddingtop=»75px» paddingbottom=»35px» class=»» id=»»]

[tagline_box backgroundcolor=»» shadow=»no» shadowopacity=»0.1″ border=»1px» bordercolor=»» highlightposition=»top» content_alignment=»left» link=»» linktarget=»_self» button_size=»small» button_shape=»square» button_type=»flat» buttoncolor=»» button=»» title=»Full Size Control» description=»The Google Maps shortcode and theme option integration allows you to take full control over the width and height of the map. Use fixed widths or percentages. This comes in handy when placing maps on pages that need to fit perfectly in unique layouts.» animation_type=»0″ animation_direction=»down» animation_speed=»0.1″ class=»» id=»»][/tagline_box] [separator style_type=»» top_margin=»-30″ bottom_margin=»-30″ sep_color=»» icon=»» width=»» class=»» id=»»]

[map address=»New York City, NY 10458″ type=»terrain» map_style=»theme» overlay_color=»» infobox=»default» infobox_background_color=»» infobox_text_color=»» infobox_content=»» icon=»theme» width=»100%» height=»231px» zoom=»8″ scrollwheel=»no» scale=»yes» zoom_pancontrol=»no» popup=»no» class=»» id=»»][/map]

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